Letters to Inmates

As we continue to do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and also demonstrate love and compassion to our neighbors, I would like to ask you to help me with a little ministry.

Simplicity of a letter

Our Kairos Prison Ministry Team had to cancel their next 4-day weekend, which was scheduled for April 30 – May 3. The next 4-day weekend won’t be until November 2020. So, in an effort to remind the Kairos graduates inside the prison that God still loves them and is in control of our present circumstances, the entire Kairos Prison Ministry Team and the churches that they represent are writing letters to them. Here is how we’re tackling this large endeavor.

There are some 281 inmates at Tyger River Correctional Institute that have been through our 4-day Christian program. Mountain Hill has been assigned to those graduates with a last name beginning with the letter “M.” There are 44 of them. If you would like to help us write one (1) card to one of these inmates during this confusing and chaotic time to remind them of God’s love, your prayers for them, and the hope that we both share in Jesus Christ, would you please e-mail me at pastor@mountainhillchurch.org.

This would be a wonderfully simple way to take the extra time we have at home and put our faith into action by flooding the prison with God’s amazing agape/love.

I would like to try to complete this task by Friday, April 3rd. When you e-mail me, I will provide you with the name and mailing information for one (1) Kairos graduate. If you desire to write more than one card/letter that’s fine also. I will provide you with as many names as you like.

Thank you, and may God bless our efforts to bring encouragement and hope to one of these men and their families.