New MHCC Web Site Released

 A new Mountain Hill Community Church website has been released.  It has the same web address:  New features:

  • It is designed to work on all devices, including smart devices.  It is not a mobile application.  Use your smart device’s browser and it automatically detects the kind of device you have and reconfigures to that device’s screen. 
  • In particular, the navigation bar, which is at the top of the page on a “normal” computer screen, turns into a hamburger (three horizontal lines) on a small screen. 
  • Up-to-date announcements are on the home page, under the Events section.  In general, the Events section will contain detailed information on special events and details on some weekly events.  This is similar to the glassyconnections emails Betsy sends out.  However, there will be additional events that are not sent through glassyconnections.  For example, you will find the latest information related to the COVID-19 there. 
  • It has a complete church calendar.  Use either the Calendar button at the top of any page or use the button under the events carousel.  (The events scroll in left or right on wide screens, top to bottom on narrow screens.  This is called a carousel.)
  • Below the Events is a static church calendar.  This provides times for our regularly scheduled events. 
  • There are many other pages providing information about MHCC. 
  • On the navigation bar, to the far right, is an entry called Resources.  This is of special interest to both members and friends.  There are two entries under this heading.  The first Members Only Click or touch that and you will have access to all the study resources, music, church directory, etc.  Some of these resources will be directly accessed from the page, others are protected, such as the church directory.  You must have your email registered with the church for access. 
  • The second entry under Resources is Sermons.  Click or Touch this for access to Pastor Lee’s sermons.  You will have access to an audio recording of the sermon as well as the text of the sermon and the slides.