“Thank You” from Slater Baptist

We received a “thank you” card from the Slater Baptist leadership team this week for our partnership in feeding and clothing many in their community. This provided opportunities for them to share the Bread of Life and the warmth of Christ with those in need. I thought a quick post with their personalized comments would be the easiest way to share what God, through you and your contributions, is doing in their neighborhood.

The world is a better place
because of people like you,
Who bring so much happiness
with the nice things that they do.

And with your recent thoughtfulness
still very much in mind,
This is meant to bring a thank-you
of the very warmest king!

Thank you does not seem like enough, but we are so grateful for all you have done.

Doug & Kim

Thank you so much for your generous gift. It will help us reach so many in our community with the Bible.

David Watson

We cannot thank you enough for how much you have loved us through your generous gifts. We will strive to use this gift to further God’s kingdom. Praying for your church as we serve Christ in our communities.

Savannah Watson

Your generosity has blessed and encouraged us so much and will continue to bless many others. We are in awe of how God has worked through you. Thank you for partnering with Him in His work.

Emily & Jeff Gray

Thank you for demonstrating godliness in your generosity.

Jacob & Cassie Hill

Thanks so much for the generous gifts. We are so grateful.

Todd & Shannon

We appreciate you all so much. Thank you!

Ruth Anne