Watching Our Website Media on Your Smart TV

Suppose you want to watch a sermon on your big Smart TV Screen. Can you do it? The answer is usually absolutely yes; but the details are absolutely confusing. There are so many different configurations for Smart TVs today it is difficult to write something that isn’t totally geeky. Let me try to put a couple of general rules here and, as you provide feedback, I can expand these general directions.

If you have a Smart TV, or a DVD player that is “Smart,” or you have a “Smart” attachment to your TV, such as an Amazon Fire Stick, then you should be able to go to the most general menu associated with it being “Smart” and have either a scrolling roll of applications you can use across the bottom or a matrix of applications over your entire general menu screen. There are two applications you can use to both browse our web site and/or watch the videos found anywhere on the web site. If you are just looking for sermons, drop down to the bottom topic, which might be the easiest.

I should also mention that the various resources available from the web site might have a smart phone app you can install to view their content. For example, RightNowMedia has its own app.

Casting YouTube from your smart phone to your TV

Start your smart phone YouTube application. Log in using your google account. If you don’t have a google account, you can get one when you click on the link I am going to give you. Start your smart TV YouTube app. Log in. Back on your smart phone, Go to our church channel by entering this in the YouTube app’s search: UCSL3PpI9mkTJgWEKsAsHx9A. You should get one result. Click on it. You should get the channel’s videos. Click on the video you want to watch. In the top corner of the result, you should see an icon that looks like a square with a wifi fan symbol across the left bottom corner. (See picture.) Click on it. You should connect and the video should display on your smart screen. If not, read on.

I found it difficult to find a one size fits all on line help for casting. Those YouTube videos that cover this topic were difficult to understand: the presenter was not an native English speaker and/or the video was presented in a way that was too fast to follow. I did find one site that might help: If this doesn’t help, then you can search using the string “Casting from YouTube app on {your smartphone manufacturer and model here} to YouTube on a {your smart TV manufacturer and model here}.” If that doesn’t help, call Duane

Smart TV Web Browser

The second application is a Web Browser. If you TV has this, then you can start the browser and enter the web address in the address field. Click Enter or whatever option your browser provides so it will go to the web site. Once on the web site, navigate as usual. If you want to watch a sermon, go to the sermon entry you want to watch. There should be Watch on Youtube option to the right of the window. (See picture.) Click that to go directly to the YouTube environment, where it is easier to control the video, especially expanding to full screen.

Amazon Fire, Roku, etc

If your TV doesn’t support YouTube and the Web Browser is not there or doesn’t work, then get one of the add-on devices. They are relatively inexpensive and they support a number of casting protocols. Before you make the purchase, make sure your smartphone can cast to the device you are considering. Alternatively, there might be an application you can download that will support the casting function. Again, read the help associated with the application to verify it works with your smartphone and the device.

YouTube app Direct

As mentioned at the beginning of this note, Mountain Hill has a YouTube Channel that contains at least the Sermons. You can access this channel if you have a YouTube app on your smart TV. On your smart TV, go to the smart TV YouTube app and log in. Once logged in-or not-, click on this link, which will take you to our church Channel: There will be a collection of videos you will find on the web site. Be sure to click the red subscribe button on the channel page so that, in the future, you can start YouTube and click “Subscriptions” and then click the church channel on the left side of the page to navigate directly to the church channel page. This channel will be available on any YouTube interface once you log in to YouTube.

prepared by Duane Leet (